Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon Ground

$3.49 per 2oz bag

Also Known as: Vietnamese Cinnamon, Saigon Cassia or Vietnamese Cassia

Origin: Vietnamese

Ingredients: Saigon Vietnamese Cinnamon Ground

Taste and Aroma: The most powerful cinnamon available; Saigon Cinnamon is spicy, sweet and warm.

Uses: Baking, cookies, tea, cakes, fruits, desserts, chocolate and pie.

Substitutes: Saigon vietnamese connamon whole, Ceylon cinnamon, China tung hing powder, China tung hing cassia whole, Cinnamon korintje grade a and Cinnamon sugar

Fun Fact: Vietnamese Saigon Cinnamon has the highest oil content in the world, which is the reason it is also the most expensive variety of cinnamon.