Tuscan Seasoning

$3.49 per 2oz bag

Also Known as: Tuscan Spice or Tuscan Blend

Origin: Italian
Perfect over pasta, grilled or steamed vegetables, tomatoes with Feta, eggs, chicken, port, burgers, seafood, spaghetti sauce, or chicken salad.  Add to Olive Oil for Bread Dippinig, or to Oil & Vinegar for dressing.

Ingredients: Basil, Oregano, Red bell peppers, Green bell peppers, Black pepper, Fennel and Rosemary

Taste and Aroma: Rich, sweet, fresh and peppery.

Uses: All purpose blend great on pasta, chicken, vegetables, fish, salad and bread.

Substitutes: Italian seasoning, Mediterranean spice or Greek seasoning

Fun Fact: It is appropriate that Tuscany, the origin of the renaissance movement, is responsible for this inspired spice blend!